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Manage Customers, Generate Quotes, Schedule Jobs, Accept Payments, and much more...

App Features

Big or Small, We Have All The Features Needed to Manage Your Business

Manage Customers

No more notepads or Excel spreadsheets. Manage your customers info, jobs, and payments like a pro. You'll always know what jobs need to get done, how much you are owed, etc.

Generate Quotes

Either generate sleek, custom quotes that can be emailed to your customers or use Mowd's automated quoting system that can provide a customer with quotes instantly.

Schedule Jobs

Tired of customers asking when you're coming by? That's a thing of the past. You can schedule your jobs in advance and your customers will see when you're coming by on their Customer Portal.

Accept Payments

No more "check's under the mat". No more waiting to get paid. Once you mark a job complete. Your customers will get notified and can pay instantly.

Skip the Admin Work

Let your customers manage themselves. Each customer has an account and they manage their contact info, scheduling, and additional serivce requests for you!

Impress Your Customers

The business owners that use Mowd always tell us how impressed their customers are with the system! Mowd makes it so simple for customers to be happy with your services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who uses Mowd?

    Lawn and landscaping businesses of all sizes. We have owner-operators with 25 lawn maintiance accounts all the way up to large corporate operations with landscaping, tree trimming, and other services.

  • If you're looking to increase your profits, grow or maintain your customers, or automate some tasks so you have more time... then Mowd is right for your business!

  • No. We promise to never charge a "per customer" rate. We want our software to help your business make money, not eat into your profits.

  • Each customer will recive a login to the Customer Portal when you add them to your customer list. This portal is designed to take many of the tedious, time-consuming tasks and allow the customer to easily do them for you. This portal allows them to:

    • See scheduled services
    • See completed services
    • View and pay current account balance
    • View your additional services (and prices)
    • Order additional services (you will receive a notification)

  • Yes, Mowd is FREE to use. We only charge for payments processed through the platform.


Do you have more questions? We're here to answer them! Give us call, text, or email with any questions/feedback you have!


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